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The Dingman Collection 2018 – Reminiscing the American Golden Era with RM Sotheby’s

The automotive passion, the power which inspires, motivates and largely shapes our lifestyle, can be traced back to the early captains of this industry, whose acumen and vision revolutionized aesthetics and transportation capabilities. Henry Ford, a restless American and his innovative company changed the way his compatriots lived, worked and dreamed, setting the pace for the rest of the world. Just beforeWWII, but intensely in the period after, Ford’s legacy became the foundation, on which a number of iconic brands blossomed, delivering globally admired shapes. Fuelled by the “American Dream“, a dominant ideal in the “free world“, U.S. automakers competed relentlessly with their counterparts across the Atlantic, in a demiurgic verve.


Some of the ingenious designs produced during the “golden era” of the last century is the focus of The Dingman Collection 2018.

RM Auctions has announced the addition of The Dingman Collection 2018 to its auction calendar, the conclusion of RM’s highly successful Dingman auctions in 2006 and 2012. Longtime Ford Motor Company director Michael Dingman had an abiding passion for the company’s iconic flathead V-8 models, as well as an eye for the most exquisite original neon signs and other nostalgia representing the great American Century. His carefully chosen, perfectly maintained collection in Hampton, New Hampshire represents the final word in quality from one of the most important Ford collectors of modern times.


The vintage neon signs, clocks, soda dispensers and racing posters, set a cinematic atmosphere to the event.

It was cinema after all, which “immortalized” cars like the 1961 Lincoln Continental Four-Door Convertible (1964 in Goldfinger), 1965 Porsche 356C (Bullit) and 2006 Ford GT (Fast & Furious) – to name a few of the exhibits – and imprinted their legendary shapes to our memory forever.

All pictures courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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