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Uncompromising writing instruments with design cues from Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors, the iconic automobile brand from Crewe has launched a special collection range of writing instruments with luxury brand Graf von Faber-Castell.

Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the most renowned manufacturers of high-quality writing and drawing instruments worldwide. Since 1993, the Graf von Faber-Castell luxury brand has been applying traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated design to ever new design and cooperation ideas.

GvFC Bentley Serpentine 1 Colors QF M 180718 - Hero

The “Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley” collection comprises exquisite pens and matching accessories that perfectly combine timeless design, a shared passion for precision and exceptional craftsmanship.

The collection includes three ranges, all jointly designed, developed and launched by Graf von Faber-Castell in close partnership with the Bentley styling team.

“Bentley and Graf von Faber-Castell share a commitment to the highest quality and materials, as they continue to innovate in a changing world, drawing on extraordinary craftsmanship but each expressing the brand with contemporary vision” said Christophe Georges, Director of Product and Marketing.

“Bentley and Graf von Faber-Castell share many things in common” says Count Charles von Faber-Castell, Head of Premium, at the company’s headquarters in Stein, near Nuremberg: “Many years of tradition shaped by individuals, unique design, uncompromising quality and understated elegance.”

The fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens share many of the key design cues identified in Bentley models.

For example, the pen cap is finished with the typical knurling found in cars and the distinctive Bentley “B”. The characteristic diamond pattern can be found as a fine guilloche on the shaft – an ergonomic and aesthetic enhancement. The front and corner pieces are highly polished, reminiscent of the striking metal elements of the luxury marque.

GvFC Bentley HandMotiv QF M 180718

The colours of the writing instruments also reference exclusive Bentley colours: modern shades such as dazzling “Sequin Blue”, anthracite “Tungsten” and shimmering “White Satin”.

At the same time, the typical design elements of the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection are also recognisable: the solid sprung clip, platinum-plated surfaces and understated styling – a wonderful combination of elegance and pace, perfectly topped off by a case made of fine Italian calfskin, hand-sewn like the interior of a Bentley.

The new “Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley” collection is available worldwide in Graf von Faber-Castell stores, department stores and specialist shops, online and in selected Bentley retailers. Over the coming year, the collection will be expanded to include additional ranges of writing instruments.


To savour the experience of writing with a “Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley” you may continue here:

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GvFC Bentley Etui QF FS 180718

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