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Launching the new Range Rover Evoque – Wire form sculptures stop Londoners in their tracks

Just over a decade ago, in January 2008, Land Rover shook the automotive design industry to its foundations, presenting the LRX concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show. In anticipation of a fast approaching era of eco-centric consumer behaviour, the LRX presented a number of eco-friendly (biofuel compatibility, hybrid, start/stop, regenerative brake) technologies, integrated into a smaller, lightweight construction, combined with class-leading off-road performance. That was the birth of the Range Rover Evoque, one of the most inspiring designs in the subcompact luxury crossover SUV category, with global sales of over 750,000 and more than 17 international awards to its name.

Land Rover has started its countdown to tonight’s world premiere of the new Range Rover Evoque with a fleet of wire form sculptures inspired by the new model. The full-scale artworks stopped pedestrians in their tracks at locations across London.

The brightly-coloured installations were produced by the same Land Rover Design team responsible for shaping the new Evoque and embody the reductive design philosophy that has informed its elegant proportions.

Blending simple lines with modernity, the 1:1 scale wire forms showcase the distinctive fast roofline and rising waistline that define new Evoque’s coupe-like silhouette.

Three of the eye-catching sculptures were parked at exclusive addresses around Kensington and Chelsea, finished in distinctive shades of copper, red and blue.


The wire forms have been created to preview the new Evoque – which is the embodiment of Range Rover’s modernist design approach. Where better to put these bespoke installations on display than in the heart of London – one of the greatest cities in the world.



Tune into Land Rover’s Facebook and YouTube channels to watch the global reveal of the new Range Rover Evoque tonight at 19:45 GMT


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