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Epic Gemballa Mirage GT crash in the streets of New York

A rare example of a Gemballa modified Porsche Carrera GT was cruising the empty streets of New York earlier today, when for no apparent reason the driver lost control and crashed into a parked Toyota Sienna.

The accident took place on the 11th Avenue in Manhattan and although initial allegations claimed the Gemballa was stolen, apparently it was driven by its owner, a known Rally co-founder.


After the event, with the the unsprung mass barely attached to the car and half of the front missing, the driver continued his unsuccessful expedition in the streets of New York, coming to a stop on 44th street, according to Fox 5 NY.


Eventually, he took “the road less travelled” to the police station, following his arrest a few hundred meters from the point of the crash.

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Rough morning *photos taken by me*

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