Motorsport Exposure

Offer your brand a unique chance for exposure


Motorsport is a unique expression of engineering brilliance, human courage, motivation, teamwork and competitive spirit. It has delivered some of the most memorable moments in the history of sport, captured by talented photography and videography professionals, shared across a multitude of digital and print media to billions of fans around the world.



For decades, both endemic and global businesses are taking up the challenge of motorsport involvement, linking their brands to motorsport victories. This is rewarded with exposure of unique quality characteristics and a fan loyalty, which is unparalleled among all sports.*



The passion for speed and accomplishment, shared by racing teams and fans alike and the inspiration related to motorsport activity can only be compared to the unmatched branding, marketing and synergy opportunities, for sponsors in pursuit of targeted exposure and B2B interaction.


20181012_MP_PorscheRacingNJ-0005 provides access to these opportunities, through market-specific initiatives, involving your company with drivers, teams and championships of all levels, matching your budget and business scope, with effective exposure and synergy strategies.


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*According to Performance Research’s original studies in measuring fan loyalty [U.S.A.] 72% of NASCAR Sprint Cup fans almost always or frequently purchase a series sponsor’s products over a non-sponsor’s products, compared to 15% for Olympic Games fans.